About Us

What is Freddie’s finds?

Freddie’s Finds is a monthly adventure of discoverable pooch proportions! Freddie is searching far and wide to find products pertinent to obtaining his goal, which is to preserve or enhance the well-being and merriment of his furry friends. Our passion here at Freddie’s Finds is animals, which culminates in sustaining their health and happiness. We have searched high and low for products that fall into this category. We discovered that the commodity exists, yet a lot of the box companies don’t want to put the effort into searching and finding. Along comes Freddie, who weeds out the profit-first companies and looks for brands  made by conscientious manufacturers who take pride in producing top-tier products designed to enhance and extend your pup’s life.

A portion of every Freddie’s Finds sold gives back to the pet community, whether it be a shelter, rescue or foundation. Knowing that we are helping to fund those that are saving lives and bringing light to the appalling conditions of puppy mills and pet stores motivates Freddie in his pursuit. Join Freddie every month on his excursions of sniffing out, digging up and chewing on his latest finds through stories, tweets and photographs.  If it’s out there, Freddie will FIND IT!