Fighteeng Parkinson’s step by step 5K

Da runners and walkers are comeeng een!Da Parkinson’s 5K was April 12, 2014 een Liberty Stashun, Freddie’s Finds wuz dere as a title sponsor een dere Paws for Parkinsons event. People with Parkinson’s can find great benefit from dog ownership. Dogs can help to encourage exercise through their need for daily walks, socialization and friendship. A dog can be purely a companion, or can be a service dog assisting with item retrieval, fall prevention and maintaining gait.~




KUSI eenterview for Paws for Parkinson'sEet wuz such an honor to bee dere and me efen got to speek on behalf of Paws for Parkinson’s to da morneeng news. Unteel next yeer, we weel bee dere unteel dere bee a cure!