October Finds

Why should the human have all the fun playing dress up for Halloween? Include your pup with their own entertaining costume by Casual Canine. Now go, collect all of those treats and have a howling good time!

After trick or treating, put your l’il one in a glow in the dark t-shirt by Casual Canine, turn the lights down low and tell your best bone-chilling tail of terror………Booooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two of the treats your pooch will find in their bag o’ treats are by Bubba Rose. Let them enjoy their own caramel apple cake pop and their pumpkin cake bite, enjoy!cakepop


You can’t enjoy Halloween without experiencing your own zombie apocalypse by The Real Meat Company. Have your pup assist you with the zombie invasion by helping to devour the undead.

Have your bug-a-boo attack their own creepy fiend by giving them this Jax and Bones good Karma rope toy where 10% of each toy goes to rescue and animal welfare groups.