Sniffed Out, Dug up, Chewed On



Sniffed Out

Dis nose knows wuts wut, eet may bee liddle and smooshed een dere, but dis sneefer Can FIND a goot nom nom from a mile awayz.




freddie_pawDug up

Me bee berry kureus, gess dat why we bee called Peeks. We gotz to splore Effuryfing, eef eet ees outz dere, me weel FIND eet!




freddie_mouthChewed on

Dis da part dat me lub best, testeeng da nik nak or nom nom. Me peeky, so me weel roll Eet Rounds een here and eef me notz like, outz eet comes and eef me wants to holds And deesplay eet, me peeked a weener and eet has now beecome FOUND.