Hewwo, me sweet fwends. Een me mommas arms, surrounded by me booteafull familee...I closed my eyes and saw da mostest gloryus bridge. All of me bruvers and seesters were dere to welcome me home. I love bee eeng heer, but am meeseeng yoo all so munch, me felt me needed to reech out. Wen me started dis page, me nefur eemagined da fwendsheeps me wud cultivate. Togedder we gots to share our lives een dis snow globe of soshal meedia. Me wants yoo to no, me ees here holdeeng da globe een me paws and smileeng down on all of yoo. Me pwomees, dat me weel bee a part of yoor puppy pak dat greets yoo at da gates tumday. Unteel den, pwease take care of eech oder and nefur furgets, yoo were so lubbed by dis liddle golden-haired Peke. Unteel furefur. Freddie