Wut Pet Ferapy meens to me.

I hab been blessed to be a parts of Helen Woodward Animal senter Pet encounter ferapy program. I hab deliteed een da company of cheeldren, dose een mental distress, da elderly, and at reesk pregnansees. Why duz me do eet? Dey say dat a pet ees a medikashun wifout da side fects. All me can speek for ees wut me getz out of eet, wheech ees fulfeelment to da tenf degree. My hart akchually smiles wen me layeeng on a ladees belly knoweeng me one of da furst ones dat getz to connect to dis liddle dood or doodette. Da elashun yoo feel wen da fingers of someone who bee non-responseev slides fru yoor fur. Wen a shy child comes out of dere shell to bee da furst een line to rub yoor belluh, dat ees heben on erf. Pure bliss dat me hab been so luky to undertake. Dis ees wut pet ferapy meens to me and dat ees anudder weeson me one luky pup!